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My Pillar of Strength

I strongly believe in this famous quote by Gabby Giffords:
Strong women
get things done!
Be passionate.
Be courageous.
Be your best.

In life you get to meet many types of people; immediate family, friends, at work place or just like that. But some people leave an indelible mark on your life. More so if she is a Woman! No, being a girl I am not biased towards women. I believe that a person despite of his or her gender can do some remarkable things in life with his or her inner strength and never to say die attitude.

My life too has been imprinted with such a lady, my mother, Stella Peter. Its her life’s story that inspires me constantly.

Born as a simple girl, in a small city, she got married to my father. Being in teaching profession she had simple aspirations from life. In contrast to it, my dad had soaring aspirations and I really don’t have anything against it. After a shaky start  for few years, their married life was just moving fine. My brother and me had a great childhood with prosperity touching our family. But suddenly after 19 years of married life my parent’s separated.

 This is when I started to see my mother’s real inner steel. Being a single parent for teenage children is tough and I really mean tough. It was made tougher with the missing finances. That was the time, my mother decided to appeal in court. In those days and even today, no matter how much we talk about women liberalization and modernization, some cliches related to women haven’t changed a bit. She had to go against her parents and was totally isolated from them, her  friends and society. Probably this was the first time she had faced such a drastic situation.

She only had the two of us by her side and that too dependent. She had no option but to fight with minimal knowledge of legalities. But still she persisted in the case. She had many set backs, many people backstabbing her but as they say persistence always pays. So it had to be finally she won some relief in finances for herself and us.

But living life is much more than just finances. Each day sans the missing support of our lives,she tried to fill in the space of a father in all spheres.  Personally undergoing the mental turmoil she put up a brave face each time we were with her and still she does.

I feel their is a lifetime achievement award that is given to an actor. But for people like her, giving a lifetime achievement award is an under statement too. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me.
But still a heart felt “Thanks Mummy for being a Rock Solid Mother!”

This is written as a part of I am Mardaani activity exclusively at for Indian Bloggers. I would like to thank the organizers for prompting me to write about a person, I feel so deeply about.

Here is a fantastic trailer from an upcoming movie starring Rani Mukherjee in & as Mardaani that’s worth watching to celebrate the inner strength of a woman:

10 thoughts on “My Pillar of Strength

  1. That was really touching ..Some time life hit us at rock bottom but what happens . i believe happens for a reason, significantly a Good one! and that what shapes and defines a person who they are !


  2. Very touching ! I can imagine what she must have gone through during the process of separation, as our society still holds the wife responsible for all such problems. But the way she faced up all the adversities is incredible!


    • Thanks Ratna. Yes actually there’s a lot of problem when it comes issues a Woman has to face living in India. I have been a part and parcel of my mother’s journey and trust me it was really difficult and my mother is the strongest. 🙂


  3. hmmm I cant say much as I have not experienced this personally .. but It does take a lot of courage to take a step and separate.
    especially as you say for a woman in our nation ..

    please extend my regards to your mum she did so good … thank you for sharing the story


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