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First Eat – Healthy Meal Delivery App & Food Review

Recently, I was a part of wellness bloggers meet held at a holistic resort located near Mehsana, Gujarat and guess what was the main agenda there – Health & Wellness!
Well in this fast paced world in the quest of becoming more and more accomplished, the one thing we often forget is our own Health.  There are many factors that directly influence one’s health like Daily Routine, Drinking/Smoking Habits, Exercise and more but the most important of them all is the Food that we eat.
In the words of Dr. Jolly Singh, CMO of NIMBA – the nature cure Village that I visited –
“Food is Our Medicine for Good Health”
So I thought let me try ‘First Eat’ – one of the pioneer Healthy Meal Delivery Service in Gurgaon. ‘First Eat’ boasts of delivering Healthy food at your home or office.

Getting Food from First Eat:

pix2If you wish to order healthy food with the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins & minerals you would have to download the mobile app which is easily available in Google Play Store & iPhone App Store.
The app is very user-friendly  and their service extends from 8 AM to 10 PM meaning catering all meals from Breakfast to Dinner.
I will give placing order 4/5 rating.


pix 3The Service is prompt as I got a timely delivery despite the fact that I had ordered the food a day after it had rained heavily and the roads were still waterlogged in Gurgaon.
I will give service 4/5 rating.


pix4While getting food home delivered, one of the most important facets of an enjoyable experience is packaging. The packaging of First Eat is excellent as it is spill proof and very attractive. Fruit juice bottles are also sealed ensuring it is a zero spill.
I will give packaging of food 4.5/5 rating.


I had ordered breakfast from First Eat which comprised of Chicken Salami Sandwich, Vegetable Club Sandwich, Heaven’s Garden- Chicken Salad, Sauteed Idli Salad & Summer Nirvana.
pix5Chicken Salami Sandwich is a grilled sandwich with Chicken Salami and fresh veggies inside. I felt that salami could have been seasoned better. Rest the Sandwich was really good and filling.
pix6Sauteed Idli Salad was one of the best things from First Eat. It comprised of Idlis, Carrot, Red & Yellow Bell Peppers all sauteed with South Indian Tadka. I feel this is a perfect and wholesome breakfast idea for vegetarian lovers as it is really healthy yet yummy.
pix7Vegetable Club Sandwich is a two tier sandwich with exotic vegetables and cottage cheese for protein quotient.
pix8The yummiest dish of this breakfast from First Eat was Heaven’s Garden- Chicken Salad. A perfect blend of fresh exotic veggies with carefully seasoned chicken and a yummy dressing coating them.  Simply brilliant!
pix11Summer Nirvana mixed fruit juice was really very refreshing. It is made of Water Melon, Musk Melon & Cucumber. There was just a hint of Musk Melon and the taste of Water Melon & Cucumber were predominant in it. The freshness of juice is what I liked most.
I will give its food a 3.5/5 rating.


It is quite affordable as compared to other health meals on offer these days with other restaurants and delivery service providers. There pricing starts from Rs. 65 onwards and a breakfast meal for a week costs as low as Rs. 300 only.
I will give its food a 4/5 rating.

Other Service by them:

First Eat has a panel of nutritionists and each of their offerings is curated under their directions. Adding to it there are some brilliant and hassle free subscriptions that one can kick start for a weight loss or just a healthier body.


Based on the average of all the ratings given above, the overall experiential quotient of this healthy meal delivery service app comes to be 4/5.
I would highly recommend First Eat for all those people in Gurgaon who are diet conscious and want to have delicious yet healthy food.





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