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Thank You Doc.

Life & Death in medical profession are a part & parcel of everyday routine. So many medical professionals don’t really get bothered from your condition. Conceiving a baby for me or for any other woman is a very emotional – close to heart thing and there is absolutely no scope for the minutest of gap in medical guidance or procedure.
I still remember when I first came to know about my pregnancy, being new to Gurgaon, I had actually googled about ‘Good Gynecologist in Gurgaon’ and after reading so many reviews I had narrowed down to Dr. Puuja Arora Bhatnagar only to find that her clinic was so nearby from my home. The proximity of clinic being an added advantage further reinforced my decision.
Dr. Puuja Arora Bhatnagar

Dr. Puuja Arora Bhatnagar

So literally from week 1 of my pregnancy, Dr. Puuja handled all the highs & lows appearing in my case. Be it extreme high thyroid level, double marker results not doubling, lesser fetal movements, no labor pains or finally getting the baby delivered safely; she handled each situation with utmost responsibility & care.
Being my first pregnancy each time I had an appointment with her, a list of questions ready with me. But she was always very forbearing and answered all my queries. The list went down with time as my confidence on her rose.
Time also was never a constraint for her dedication and care towards me both during the visit to clinic or in the wee hours of night or on a Sunday. Adding to it in cases of emergency situations she was more proactive than us in follow ups.
On my due date she was present with me all through the episode in hospital even to the extent of sitting with me at midnight. In the last lap of my delivery she was literally on her toes to make sure I delivered safely. Yes for the nurses and other hospital staff she might be a hard to please task master but that’s I guess is in the best interest of her patients like me.
Today when doctors are thought to be money mouth, amidst them is one angel in disguise always ready with sincere efforts for Gurgaon moms-to-be.
I would say ma’am you are a superb doctor, an independent woman, confident, a sincere person, a hard worker, responsible to the core, an inspiration to all working women, a family person and a friend to me. These and multitude of other labels define you.
A big ‘THANK YOU’ to you ma’am for making my these nine months to motherhood utterly smooth, pleasurable and a dream run.  I would like to wholeheartedly recommend her to all the Gurgaon mums-to-be. Thank You Dr. Puuja and Complete Women Care.
IMG-20141201-WA0014 (2)

Happiness all the way..

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One thought on “Thank You Doc.

  1. Thanks Judy.. wat ever u have written many pts said or conveyed this to me…but heart in each line. in each word….U just made it so special…thanku very much from bottom of my heart….U r a fantabulous writer…i m honoured……pleasure is completely mine…


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