Penned Poem..

Being an IMDRite..

Fotor0205100314I sit here alone, but I am not lonely,
I am nostalgic and I am choked..

But the changing times have changed me too,
Mellowed me down and sobered me through..

Sitting at this place & pondering for a while,
It felt like ‘Deja Vu’, the memories belonging from some other time..

The space once radiating with known faces,once my own,
Seems so new and desolated without those faces..

The same collage with same colors,
Now holding a changed perspective for life..

As I continued to sit on the stairs reflecting..

Felt like a child holding on to her first piggy bank,
My first leap of faith & that it so became the wings..

All this time I had heard about Time & Tide waiting for none,
Standing in this quadrangle realized this old idiom..

For some, the years at  this place were just a minuscule of life,
For me, d first view of the real-time worldly file..

While sipping tea at the transformed cafe..

Observed that the place was changing and so was I,
But our spirits are still d same and soaring high..

This place & I have been knowing each other for a while,
So though I am nostalgic & though I sigh
I sit alone here, I am not lonely this time..

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